Supplementary Privacy Notice for China


Last Updated: February 7, 2024

最后更新:2024年2月   日


This Supplementary Privacy Notice for China (“China Supplementary Notice”) is formulated and implemented in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China (the "Personal Information Protection Law") and other relating laws and regulations, which supplements the information contained in the Corteva Global Privacy Statement and applies to the activities of processing (including but not limited to collection, storage, use, processing, transmission, provision, deletion and other processing methods) of personal information of natural persons residing within China by Corteva Agriscience (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and other Corteva Agriscience’s Affiliates in China listed here (“we”, “us”, “our”, or “Corteva China”), as well as the activities of Corteva Agriscience outside China that provide products and services to natural persons in China, or analyze or evaluate the acts of natural persons in China, if applicable. In the event of a conflict between the Global Privacy Statement and this China Supplementary Notice, this China Supplementary Notice shall prevail.

本《适用于中国的补充隐私声明》(“《中国补充声明》”)依据《中华人民共和国个人信息保护法》(“《个人信息保护法》”)和其他相关法律法规制定和施行,是对科迪华《全球隐私声明》的补充,适用于科迪华(中国)投资有限公司和其他科迪华在中国的关联公司点击此处查询 (“我们”、“本公司”或“科迪华中国”)在中国境内处理(包括但不限于收集、存储、使用、加工、传输、提供、删除以及其他方式处理)自然人个人信息的活动以及可能的科迪华在中国境外向中国境内自然人提供产品或服务,或者分析、评估中国境内自然人的行为的活动。如果《全球隐私声明》与本《中国补充声明》之间存在冲突,本《中国补充声明》应优先适用。


Personal information refers to all kinds of information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded by electronic or other means and does not include anonymized information.



Sensitive personal information refers to the personal information that is likely to result in damage to the personal dignity of any natural person or damage to his or her personal or property safety once disclosed or illegally used.



We fully comply with applicable Chinese laws and regulations (“Applicable Laws”) and will only process your personal information in accordance with Applicable Laws and where there is a valid legal basis to do so including where: we have your consent, the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, the processing is necessary to comply with a statutory duty, the processing is necessary to respond to an emergency, or other provisions in accordance with stipulated Applicable Laws.



I.         Joint Processing, Entrusted Processing and Provision of Personal Information



1.        Joint Processing


If we process your personal information jointly with a third party, we will separately inform you of the processor, processing purposes, processing methods, types of personal information processed and other relevant information regarding the joint processing of your personal information ("Joint Processing Privacy Policy"). The Joint Processing Privacy Policy will preferentially apply to Joint processing scenarios.

如果我们与第三方共同处理您的个人信息,我们另行向您告知共同处理您的个人信息的处理者、处理目的、处理方式、处理的个人信息种类等相关情况( “《共同处理隐私政策》”)。《共同处理隐私政策》将优先适用于共同处理场景。




2.        Entrusted Processing


We may entrust a third-party service provider ("Entrusted Party") to provide relevant services, such as providing customer service, advertising, marketing, communications and data analytics, information technology, information security, financial, audit, accounting, security, and legal services, etc., which may involve entrust Entrusted Party to process your personal information. We will sign an agreement with the Entrusted Party to agree on the purposes, retention period, methods, types and protection measures of personal information processing, the rights and obligations of both parties, and supervise the personal information processing activities of the Entrusted Party.



3.        Provision of Personal Information


In order to provide you with better products and services and improve the efficiency of our operations, we may provide your personal information to our business partners. Except in legal circumstances, we will provide your personal information to the business partners after informing you of the recipient and the relevant situation of the provision of personal information and obtaining your separate consent.



II.       Cross-Border Provision of Personal Information


Due to the global distribution of Corteva's operations and personnel, we , with your separate consent or as otherwise permitted by Applicable Laws, may provide your personal information to our affiliate Corteva Agriscience, LLC ("Overseas Recipient") located outside of China through our internal office system or other reasonable means. We and the Overseas Recipient are committed to taking security measures in accordance with the law to protect your personal information security. 



If you wish to learn more about the cross-border provision of your personal information or wish to exercise your rights under the Personal Information Protection Law, you can contact us or the Overseas Recipient using the contact details below.



III.    Sensitive Personal Information


Unless we explicitly request it, we ask that you not send us, and you not disclose, any sensitive Personal Information (e.g., biometrics, religious belief, gender identity, medical health, financial accounts, individual’s precise geolocation, and personal information of minors under the age of fourteen) on or through the Services or otherwise to us. We collect and use your sensitive Personal Information only to the extent necessary to provide you with products or services. Where it is necessary for us to process sensitive Personal Information, the processing of sensitive Personal Information will be done only in accordance with our Global Privacy Statement, with your separate consent unless required otherwise by Applicable Laws, for a specific purpose, and under stringent protective measures. If you do not provide sensitive information, and it is required to achieve a specific purpose, we will not be able to achieve that specific purpose, which may impact your rights and interests. We may process your sensitive Personal Information as follows:


   When you place an order, establish an account, request a rebate, join a rewards program, register for a service, enter into a contest, sweepstakes or other promotion or offer, or contact Us for other reasons, We may collect your sensitive Personal Information from you or through your authorized representative including: postal address, and cell phone number.


   If you interact with Us through Our internet sites and applications (“Digital Services”) we may also collect: geolocation data, online browsing data or “clickstream data”, preferences.

如果您通过我们的互联网网站和应用程序(“数字服务”)与我们互动,我们可能收集:地理位置数据、在线浏览数据或 "点击流数据"、偏好。

   If you visit one of our facilities or interact with Us over the phone, we may collect, where permitted by applicable law: voice recordings such as voicemail records.



Before we collect sensitive personal information, we will ask for your separate consent.



Please be aware that the disclosure of your sensitive personal information may have adverse effects if that information is inadvertently misused or accessed by an unauthorized person. We have adopted reasonable security measures in accordance with the law to protect all your personal information.



IV.     Minor’s Personal Information


Corteva Products and Services are not directed to individuals under the age of fourteen (14), and we do not knowingly collect Personal Information from individuals under 14. If we find that the Personal Information of such minors has been collected, we will immediately delete or anonymize the personal information of the minor in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.



V.       Your Privacy Rights


In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and relevant laws, you have the right to request access, correction, deletion, interpretation, withdrawal consent of your personal information and other rights. When consent is required and you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your corresponding personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect the processing of personal information previously carried out on the basis of your consent. Please understand that, based on regulatory requirements, technical limitations and cost considerations, we may refuse or charge reasonable fees for your requests that have no legal basis, are technically difficult to achieve or are too expensive to achieve.



If you want to exercise the relevant rights, you may contact us here or via following address:



To us (all requests related to your personal information):


Customer Information Center

16F, Bldg.1, Sandhill Plaza, #2290 Zuchongzhi Road, Shanghai 201210, China

Service Hotline: 400 880 5588




服务热线:400 880 5588



To Overseas Recipient (only for requests related to cross-border provision of your personal information):


Corteva Agriscience LLC

Attn: Corteva Privacy Office

9330 Zionsville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268, USA

Phone: 1.888.244.7570



地址:9330 Zionsville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268, USA



We will respond to your request consistent with Applicable Laws. In your request, please make clear the specific nature of your request.  For your protection, we may only implement requests with respect to the Personal Information associated with the particular email address or other identifying information that you use to send us your request, and we may need to verify your identity before implementing your request. We will reply to your request as required by law.